Things You Must Do Before You Hit 50

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Age is just a number and we have the freewill to do anything we want, whenever we want it. But, having a little direction, or a small list to strike off things you want to do never really hurt anybody, did it?

It can be fun stuff or serious adult stuff, a new skill or rather brushing up on an old one, but the point is that you need to get these things done before you hit 50 because your priorities may start to change by then.

Don’t let your passport collect dust – USE IT!

Sure, many of us have our passports made because ‘why not’ and ‘just in case’ but instead of waiting to hit the jackpot or for a millionaire with a yacht to knock on your door, step up and take control of your vacations. Book a trip that takes you out of the country and put those international waters to test. If deciding on a place is difficult, stick out the map on a wall, blindfold yourself and throw a dart at it and voila the decision is made! All you have to do is pack your bag and get going.

If this is a little too extreme for you and your budget that’s fine; as long as your passport gets stamped the place you visit definitely counts! Consider visiting a place you’ve always dreamed of since you were a kid or go visit someplace exotic. Come back with a bag full of souvenirs and a mind full of memories.

Shed tears through a movie

Yes, let the waterworks begin and own it like a boss! ‘But it’s embarrassing’ you will say, so what? You are missing out on serious bonding time and a place to let off some emotional steam. There’s nothing like the latest drama that brings together people who can shed a few tears collectively at the right time. And stop worrying about looking like a pansy – if good ol’ Oprah can do it, we all can! Watch these tearjerkers that are bound to open the floodgates.

Make A Will

No we didn’t mean for you to have a son and call him Will (awful one, we know) but what we did mean is you should put that free Will template to use and write your last wishes down because newsflash – We’re mortals so we all are doomed, period. Probably not today and hopefully not soon but death comes for all us eventually. And when it comes knocking you wouldn’t have time to do anything else (duh!) so might as well sit down, consult a lawyer and get that Will written up! Allocate the important stuff, write adjoining letters to explain things if you wish and sign it in the presence of witnesses. Then tell your executor and your loved ones about where your Will is kept.

Trust us when we say, drawing up a Will is by far one of the smartest things you can do to prepare for when you become, well a past tense. Morbid, eh?

Maintain a journal

Perhaps not one to win awards and bag trophies but you certainly are the author and the protagonist of your own life, so catalogue your thoughts. Writing down what’s on your mind is a great way to let off steam and record all the funny and crazy things that happen to you. There are pretty good chances that you won’t find your life to be very exciting and entertaining but for your children and grandchildren, your journal will be a goldmine of entertainment and a treasured keepsake as well.

Look up on an old flame

Before going all judgemental on us and quoting something like digging old graves, here us out alright? We aren’t saying that you should get in touch with your ex and have a nice long chat. All we’re saying is wield the power of technology and look them up on Facebook or other social platform.  You can relive the good times you had with them or it will just make you realise how much better off you are now without them.

You can even learn to play a new instrument or brush up on an old hobby as a part of your ‘before 50’ regime. The bottom line is, it’s always a good time to have a little fun and live life to the fullest.

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