Tips for Buying Research Chemicals Online

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The world of biological and synthetic chemistry is very complex, and it offers countless research opportunities. Nowadays, it is easier than ever to experiment with different chemicals, as there are many online suppliers that offer quality products. Whether you are a freelance chemist or a young chemistry student preparing for your thesis, you need to know how to find reputable online chemical suppliers. There are a few key factors that you need to consider in order to make sure that you are buying quality research chemicals.

Accurate product descriptions
Nowadays, you can find numerous research chemicals online that mimic the effects of prohibited psychedelic substances. Such is the case of 3-mmc, a substance closely linked to the once popular mephedrone. These chemicals are legal and very popular. However, they haven’t been properly studied and many of their effects are yet unknown. Due to the increasing popularity of these chemicals, many chemistry students choose to study them for their theses. When buying such substances, it is important to buy them from reputable suppliers that provide accurate product descriptions, as well as comprehensive labels that feature the risks, the safety precautions and the chemical structures of each substance.

Verifiable company details
Shopping online can always be tricky, especially when it comes to research chemicals. To avoid dealing with illegal companies, do a quick online research to make sure that you can verify the company’s details. A reputable supplier should always feature their company’s information on their website. From a physical address to a VAT identification number and the Chamber of Commerce registration number, any company detail can easily be verified online.

Efficient processing and delivery systems
It is always best to test new suppliers with small orders to evaluate the quality of their services. Whether you are buying controversial chemicals like 3-mmc or common pharmaceuticals, you should benefit from correct orders and an efficient delivery system. A quality provider will always deliver the right order with the requested quantity, within the promised time. For big orders, you should also benefit from order tracking.

Good customer support
Since there are many things that can go wrong with online orders, it is best to work with companies that have a good customer support team. To test a company’s customer support team, you should try contacting them with a basic inquiry. If they respond within 24 hours, they will prove that they value their customers and they are committed to building long-lasting relationships with their clients.

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