Tips To Select The Best Gym Clothing And Workout Wear

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Good health is so important for a productive life. And so many of us hit the gym or get a workout, no matter how busy our day is. What might help is the right clothing and workout wear. Here are a few tips on how to select the best.

  1. Think about your workout type

If it’s running or walking, a t-shirt and track pants work. You could also consider a jacket, for when the weather turns cold. For yoga, tights, yoga pants, or leggings and a well-fitting top is important. Yoga involves a lot of movement and you don’t want your clothes getting in the way. For cycling, padded shorts put less strain on your backside and make for more comfortable workouts. Consider the weather in your area and then decide.

  1. Cheap is not smart

Yes, gym clothes can be expensive but that’s not a reason to go in for something cheap. Make sure you purchase from a reputed brand- the clothes will last longer.

  1. Comfort is key

Tight clothes might look attractive but not when they are drenched in perspiration. They will cling and make each step seem like a large weight. Tight sleeves restrict movement; seams that are not well-stitched can cut into your skin. Clothes can ride up or down and not just embarrass, but distract as well. Make sure you know your size and that you try out different gym apparel brands before you make your final pick. Remember, your body is being put through the paces and so comfort is vital.

  1. Material choice has to be smart

Cotton works well for sweat, better than anything else. But it does come with a drawback- it tends to soak in the sweat, leading to discomfort. Consider well-designed synthetic that’s meant to keep you cool and allow sweat to disappear quickly. Breathable fabric is a life-saver for the serious gym enthusiast. Lots of material comes with anti-microbial and anti-odour properties today.

  1. Underwear is everything

Leave your sexy lingerie at home. The gym demands a sports bra and well fitting, breathable undergarments. This is essential because both provide support and go a long way in making you comfortable. Cycling shorts, boy shorts, loose boxers, lycra material are also other options to consider. Underwear that cuts into your skin can start becoming uncomfortable very, very quickly.

  1. Hygiene

You must make sure that your clothes are clean and do not smell. Your gym friends will thank you for it. Form a laundry system so gym clothes don’t stay in the hamper for too long. Don’t ever re-wear without washing. This includes smelly socks, bandanas and wrist bands! Throw in some vinegar as a pre-soak to help get rid of the odour.

  1. Shoes

We cannot discuss gym clothes and workout wear without discussing footwear as well. Well- designed shoes that are shock resistant and offer breathability are important. If you’re the kind who has more than one workout routine, then consider cross training shoes for your needs. It’s a one-size fits all and easy on the pocket as well.

Just like you, your clothes will also go through a lot during the workout. Invest some money and make good buying decisions.

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