Tony Budding Speaks! All Things NPFL and New Eleiko Sponsorship

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Tony Budding Speaks! All Things NPFL and New Eleiko Sponsorship
If you really love The Fitness and really really love to compete, listen up — the NPFL may be coming to a city near you soon.

Lots of you know Tony Budding from his former role running media for CrossFit. Up until now, he hasn’t talked much about his new venture, the National Pro Fitness League, so we sat down with him for a discussion about what the NPFL is, the opportunities for athletes to get paid to compete in their sport, and his plans to make it a very spectator-friendly sport (on TV and in person).

Eleiko will be the official equipment supplier of the NPFL.
Oh, and he breaks some serious news at 16:18 in the attached video — Eleiko has signed on as the official equipment supplier for the NPFL. If you have ever lifted with an Eleiko bar and plates (“the Rolls-Royce of weightlifting equipment”), you know how the spin and feel are simply unsurpassed, which should enable athletes to compete on the best equipment out there in NPFL events.

Eleiko will be the official equipment supplier of the NPFL

  • 0:25 What the NPFL is
  • 1:50: How teams are formed & the draft process
  • 3:55: Why each team is required to have 2 athletes over 40 years old
  • 6:00: What the season looks like and when competition begins in 2014
  • 6:45: What an event & 11 races entail
  • 9:00: Betting & fantasy NPFL? And you will able to compete against the athletes?!?
  • 10:10: Substitutions in NPFL races
  • 11:10: The “grid” and venues
  • 12:40: Athlete selection and specialization by teams
  • 13:30: Athlete selection at the NPFL combines
  • 16:18: New developments & Eleiko sponsorship
  • 18:10: What Tony would eat for his last meal on earth …

Big thanks to Tony for stopping by, and we look forward to updates as the inaugural 2014 National Pro Fitness League gets underway later this year!



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