Top 5 Things One Should Know About Contact Lenses – Wearing First Time

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Someone can find huge numbers of pros to wear contact lenses over glasses. This is the best way to fill your eyesight requirement without wearing hefty glasses. No matter whatever the reason is, but you should remember some important things about contact lenses before wearing them.

1. Select accurate wearing pattern
Some people get confused to know about wearing pattern of contact lenses. Some of them ask questions, whether they should wear them on daily or monthly basis. According to experts, it completely depends on you. You can use them, how till you feel comfortable with them.
Some people also use these lenses on a daily basis. It is true that, contact lenses are costlier than glasses and if you wish to wear them in daily basis, you have to spend a lot of money on them. So before, using them on a daily basis, you need to clear about the cost and the quality.

2. Get prescription from reputable ophthalmologist
You need a prescription from well reputed ophthalmologist before going to wear contact lenses. Some people also claim that, they have glasses and they can wear the lenses on the same measurement. This is actually wrong. One thing is to keep in mind that, contact lenses are directly sit with the eyes. This is the reason; you need to the most comfortable fit with your eyes. It is truly dangerous to use contact lenses without prescription. While consulting with the doctor, ask him to prepare the prescription for both eyes. After the prescription, you can order them online mentioning the power and the diameter you need.

3. Wear them with utmost care
It is not enough, having contact lenses only. You have to use them on right time. Putting contact lenses in your eyes is easy. Before putting them, wash your eyes properly and pick the lenses from its case on by your index finger. After doing that, now hold your upper eyelid with the other hand and at the same time pull down your lower lid. Now the maximum portion of your eye will be visible, it is the right start to put the lens on your iris. Make sure that, you have put that in the right place and to test it, look up and down. Plus, you can strongly blink to test its placement.

4. What to do during the days?
Once you are confirming that, your lenses are fitted with right place, now you can spend a hassle free day within thinking much about your eyes. While performing your daily job, they won’t create any obstacle. If you have a task to swim or to take a shower, you have to off your lenses. If your job is only to look at the computer, it is possible, your eyes will be dried within some time and the lenses also start irritating on this same circumstance. So it is a recommendation to use eye drops to keep wet the eye and the lenses. It will provide relief to your eyes. To get more comfortable, you should bring a spare pair of glasses with you.

5. What to do before going to bed?
If you use contact lenses in daily basis, you need to off and throw them away before going to bed. If you have monthly contact lenses, you should clean them with solution before going to bed. To clean them, you need to clean your hand first with soap and the add solution on your lenses and rub them gently. Rinse them off the solution and now store them in the right case.
If you’ll follow, all these steps, your lenses will come out with better results without any side effect to your eyes.

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