Top 7 Must-Watch YouTube Channels For Every Aspiring Interior Designer

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YouTube started as just a simple video-sharing platform in 2005. Now, it is one of the famous Google subsidiaries that stream more than 3 billion hours of videos.

This has rapidly become a platform through which creator cannot only achieve fame but also experience financial success. You can get anything via YouTube channels and interior decoration videos certainly won’t fail to deliver on the famed social sharing platform.

Are you planning to decorate your home but have no idea about what to do or where to start? Or perhaps you dream of one day being an interior designer yourself?

Not everyone has the talent to be creative with anything including their home decor. They need some professional advice and help but can’t afford it. YouTube is their knight in the shining armour. You can browse through many channels to get a hang of home decor and get some ideas to implement. Even for an aspiring interior designer, these YouTube channel can be a great source of motivation and ideas that could be modified.

YouTube is a lot like having your very own personal interior decorator without even investing thousands of bucks. Well, you might have to bear with brief commercials but it is worth it.

So, get ready to have your treat today! Here are 7 well-known YouTube channels that will help you to gear up and get started with your home interior decorations.

  1. Three Birds Renovations

All hail Australian moms! Well apart from being mothers, three of them are best friends for more than 15 years too. In 2014, they simply planned to quit their corporate jobs in order to change the way we live. They decided to build their own business instead of increasing someone else’s revenue. The trio is a perfect example of swapping hairdos and stilettos with steel caps and canvas shoes.

They renovate and change the interior of any residential home completely. You will love to watch them do their task while enjoying. Not only this, you will get a bright and fun outcome that is completed with their signature Aussie vibe. What will be the better way for a new designer than to learn from these amazing personalities?

  1. Jenna Sue

This channel is like a documentation of life where they ventured in real estate. The video is full of DIY and designs that will make you want more. She flipped the home and documents the whole process to upload it to YouTube. She not only has a unique way to do her work but also keep the feminine touch in mind. After all, what a home can be without feminine vibe?

From bathroom vanity to cottage in the mountains and not to forget her backpacking adventure, you can enjoy everything on her vlog. After the complete process, you will be awestricken to see the difference between the after and before home look. Well, she does have the charisma to keep you stuck in one place.

  1. Studio McGee

This studio is based out of Utah and actually is the masterpiece of a couple, Syd and Shea McGee. The talented duo combined Syd’s business experience and Shea’s creative mind to establish a successful designing studio. They used their saving to start their business and used social media for marketing. Now with the total of 20 team members, their business is growing and serving clientele from the coast.

Their designs will keep you hooked and make you re-watch their episodes. They gave the home tour and share some amazing design tips that will increase your interest to implement them at your home. Showing off their unique artistic approach make them one of the well-known designing firm.

  1. Mr Kate

If you want to explore some style, interior designs, life and DIY vision then this channel must be on top of your list to subscribe. There are no words that can do justice to Mr Kate. She is brilliantly creative and hilarious in her own way. In simple words, Mr Kate is a queen of DIY.

If you surf through her channel then “OMG We’re Coming Over” series must be on the top of your list to watch. In this series, you will see many famous You Tubers and she will decorate their rooms. Having so much talent in one frame is a must watch. You will be entertained by them in their unique way that will keep you hooked.

  1. House and Home

It is a Canada based interior design brand and magazine. They are not limited to home decor, you can find food and entertaining video in their collection as well. They will take you to the world with full of beautiful and unique homes. You can see the drastic changes in the home incorporated with latest furniture, accessories and fabric.

House and Home offer renovation tricks that can be used while organising your home in an entertaining style. Their channel is very addictive with so many designers showcasing their talent to give a special touch to space.

  1. Karin Bohn

Yet another Canadian Interior Designer, Speaker, Business Woman and YouTube personality, Karin Bohn is an award-winning artist. She is a perfect motivation for upcoming entrepreneurs in the interior designing field. With more than a decade in the interior design business, she has expanded her reach globally. Now she also does projects that include multi-family and commercial work while focusing on luxury residential.

You can glimpse into her day-to-day life as an entrepreneur through her YouTube channel. She gives away real-life knowledge and advice that is not taught by any teacher. From her up and down as an entrepreneur you can know that designing is not everyone’s cup of tea. Also, she started a series “Bohanfide” that will take you inside her own home and shows you her renovation tricks. You certainly can’t miss it out.

  1. Houzz TV

Houzz channel has plenty of videos that you could watch and get inspired to do something in your life. There famous series “My Houzz” is one of the most popular among designers where celebrities like Kristen Bell, Mila Kunis and Ludacris plan to change their rooms with the designers they hired through Houzz.

It is the leading platform for renovating and designs. It has everything that you would need to improve your home style from start to end. You can find millions of home design enthusiast, homeowners and professionals from around the world on their channel. You can get project advice, professional reviews and product information on a single channel. They basically help to turn vision into reality.

From perfect setups for your photo frame to placing your new radiator, they got it all covered. What are you waiting for? Get a notepad and start surfing through their channels to get super-amazing ideas.


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