Top benefits of modern furniture over vintage ones

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We are often confused over the terms old and vintage. Something that is old need not necessarily be a vintage piece. To be called vintage the piece needs to be an example of a definite style of a particular period. Vintage furniture is currently on trend, and there are several reasons for its popularity. As time flies, a vintage piece though unique will become uncommon and unusual. Having a vintage piece of furniture will lend your home individuality. They are easier on the pocket than buying a new one of the same quality and you will be helping the environment too as the finishing material is not off gassing.

Compared to vintage furniture, modern furniture is more streamlined. It has a minimalist approach with simplicity, smoothness and very little ornamentation. Mostly machine made, modern furniture is available in a larger variety of shapes and sizes making it easier to adjust to your accommodation. At a time when huge houses are being replaced by smaller ones and homes are shrinking into apartments it makes more sense to get furniture that fits into your home.
The variety of material used in modern furniture also makes it less costly than the wooden vintage furniture. Plastic, plywood, steel and leather is used to craft present day furniture and therefore they suit every budget.
Having examples of vintage furniture designs available makes it easier for craftsmen to design furniture by imbibing the modern techniques to create old designs and replace monochromatic colours with bright and bold shades.

When we turn to decorating our bedrooms, the first thing we need to remember that this room is a place where you are going to relax and be at peace. Furniture needs to be chosen accordingly. Certain things you need to keep in mind while choosing your bedroom furniture:

• Size of the room
• Floor space
• Basic requirements

Some basic furniture that you need for bedroom decor are:
• Beds
• Nightstand
• Dresser

If your bedroom is a large one then you need not worry about choosing your bedroom furniture but if there is lack of space then you need multifunctional modern furniture. You need to check the modern furniture design for bedroom at Urban Ladder for a variety of beds, dressers and nightstands to suit your need.

The first thing you need to choose is your bed. A storage bed is a modern concept which is a space saver. Following this you will need to choose your nightstand and dresser for which you get a larger variety to choose from among the modern furniture. Once you know the remaining floor space and how much of storage space you require you have a large variety to choose from. All you need to do now is to decide what size to choose.

As compared to vintage furniture, modern furniture gives you the option of choosing from:
• Streamlined furniture
• Storage capacity
• Pocket friendly
• Several kinds of material
• Adjustable furniture

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