Training Answers We Love to Hate

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Training Answers We Love to Hate
For a long time I struggled with my overhead squat. I attacked it, I avoided it, I trash-talked it. Nothing helped. I asked my coach about it, and he recommended doing goblet squats to help develop my basic squat. “No, no, I mean the overhead squat…you know…holding the barbell over my head and stuff,” I reminded him. He stared at me. He didn’t even blink. “Well, a goblet squat just doesn’t seem like much fun,” I added. More staring, and I went back to work on my crappy overhead squat.

Not long after that, I cornered another coach. He recommended hip mobility. “Mobility? Gee, thanks.”

And my overhead squat continued to torment me.

Until, in total desperation, I decided to give the goblet squat a try. I started adding it to my daily warm-up. With the kettlebell I was able to get low in the bottom and maintain proper form. I felt more in control and this started to translate to my front and back squats. I also noticed a tightness in my right hip…

…and started working on my hip mobility. And my overhead squat improved. In fact, I can’t even call it much of a weakness anymore.

I try not to think about how much time and frustration I would have saved if I had taken my coaches’ advice right off the bat. But I learned a valuable lesson: That crappy, no fun suggestion your coach just made? It just might be effective.

Here are four coaches responding to common questions with the answers that we love to hate.

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