Ty Texidor: CrossFit+Travel = Destino Retreats

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Ty Texidor: CrossFit+Travel = Destino Retreats

“It seemed a natural fit to go out on a ledge and try to fulfill a desire for others that I had within myself.” –Ty Texidor
What do you get when you mix a passion for healthy living through CrossFit and a genuine hunger to travel the world? Enter Destino Retreats. Ty Texidor, after years in sports medicine and personal training, discovered CrossFit in 2009 and realized that this dream combination of CrossFit and travel did not yet exist, so she set out to make it a reality. Now you can go on vacation and not have to worry about leaving your box behind.

What is Destino Retreats and why do you think the CrossFit community will benefit from it?

Our goal at Destino is to combine CrossFit, travel, and play into one kick-ass vacation where you come home feeling energized, healthy, happy… and a more knowledgeable CrossFitter.

We program two WODs per day: one at the local affiliate with skill sessions, strength work and a “typical” met-con, and the other an atypical WOD where you use the terrain of our location to provide an “unknown and unknowable” experience. We believe you don’t really know what you’re capable of until you compete and felt it appropriate to include this in the itinerary. Every retreat Destino hosts a throw-down vs. the local affiliate followed by a community BBQ. It’s just downright FUN!

Fun is the key factor

We want you to feel that you are on a purposeful vacation with a new group of badass friends ready to do battle together.
Because nutrition is one of the most important aspects to training — yet one of the most difficult things to keep up when travelling — we guarantee at least two Paleo meals per day.

Retreats are limited to 6-8 people in order to ensure intimacy within the group and to allow for the coach to give individual critique and encouragement to all participants. The programming is centered around the group’s needs and specific skills they want to address. When you sign up, we find out what weaknesses may want to conquer and schedule time to work on this. We want you to feel that you are on a purposeful vacation with a new group of badass friends ready to do battle together.

How did you come up with the concept for Destino?

Concept for Destino Retreats
My background is in Sports Medicine and I have been a personal trainer since 2003. After working a long day, I’d go to the gym to do my own workout, but I needed more inspiration. I was growing bored and needed something new to challenge me.  I had always been an athlete growing up and through college and was seriously lacking that camaraderie of a team environment. I found CrossFit, and it became my passion.

I have also always been an avid traveler and consider my adventures to be among my best educational experiences. I’ve run a marathon in Rome, hiked into the jungles of Thailand, and done cartwheels on the streets of Barcelona.

Every new location would get my mind spinning about the various WODs I could do. I travelled to Malaga, Spain and visited Gibralfaro castle. Sitting on a ledge and looking out over the city, I found myself imagining a group bear crawling up the hill, doing muscle ups on the ledge, lunges along the walls of the castle, and sprints up the narrow stairwells… then enjoying a picnic with some post-WOD beers and tequila.
Since it’s something I love and there is a huge community of kindred spirits in CrossFit,  I figured people would want to join me. I started researching adventure tour/retreat companies and couldn’t find something that really appealed to the CrossFit adventurer. It seemed a natural fit to go out on a ledge and try to fulfill a desire for others that I had within myself.

I talked it over with my partner, Tovah Rendlich, and we said let’s do this! Destino was born.

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