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This is the era of technology. With the help of technology, we can communicate with the people living all around the world. By calling, messaging or sending voicemail we can reach out to a person.But sometimes a person is busy enough so that one is not able to receive calls either read messages. Voicemail can be the solution of this problem. With this we can reach out to a person in a hearable format. But now visual voicemail has taken over its place.It is modern way and a convenient way to send any voicemail messages in a visual way all around the globe.

In this article, we will tell you about the Visual Voicemail and what is difference between Traditional Voicemail and Visual Voicemail …. So let’s get started –

What is Visual Voicemail?

Visual Voicemail is a messaging feature which is provided by the cellular telephone service providers. It provide us a direct access to the voicemail with a designed visual interface. This designed interface presents a list of messages for the playback. It shows messages in a graphical way With the help of this we can reach out to a selected voicemail without listening to all the received voicemail messages. It is very easy and convenient way to reach out to the received voicemail. It allows us to reach to the received voicemail messages with some enhanced and visually designed options.

In Visual Voicemail messages can be sent in the form of video and even animated gifs. It is really a cool way of sending  messages in visual format. Some Visual Voicemail services are also based on email and text which consists of audio messages in them.

Traditional Voicemail VS Modern Visual Voicemail

Which is better?

Visual voicemails provide easy access to the voicemails. Earlier, in voicemail system when were ceives a number of voicemails, it automatically speaks out the received voicemail messages. But it is now an old method of sending voicemails. Now Visual Voicemails has taken over its place. It is more convenient, user friendly and provide us easy access to voicemails. In visual voicemail, we have a list of received voicemail messages displayed on our computer or phone ‘s screen. We get a menu with several options present in it. These options allows us to navigate , listen, re- listen, select, arrange, delete, manage, call back, message etc. We also can give a direct reply to received voicemail which was not possible in the traditional voicemail system.

Visual Voicemail is really a great feature in phone system, VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) makes it more interesting. It enable users to call over internet to reply to the received messages rather them texting or sending voicemail.

The issues with the traditional voicemail issometime one doesn’t bother to listen to the received voicemail because of automated voice telling the message whether we are in office, college or anywhere. In Voicemail it is mandatory to listen to all the received voicemails messages, we can not skip any messages in this system.But in Visual Voicemail this is not a problem. We can select a voicemail messages which we want to hear and can give reply to that.

It  looks more attractive and feature rich system in comparison with the traditional Voicemail. It is really fast way to respond to the one’s voicemail through various provided options….

This is our article on the topic of Visual Voicemail. If you have any queries regarding this article. Do write in the comment section. We will try to solve them…

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