What Benefits Does a Rowing Machine Give Your Body?

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It’s true that running on a treadmill or using an elliptical is more common than using a rowing machine on a regular basis. However, there are many benefits to using a rower that get overlooked by people who’ve never considered it.

Let’s examine a few of those positives now to see if we can convince you to try a rower.

Low Impact Exercise

Different exercises cause varying amounts of impact and pressure on the joints. With treadmills, even with their padded track, each leg landing when completing a stride sends vibrations through your hip, knee, ankle, and foot. The older you get, the tougher this is to take and often leads to runner-related injuries one or two decades after exercising regularly this way.

Rowing allows the knee to follow a smooth motion without creating any impact on the joint itself. The flowing motion when rowing allows the joint to move and gain strength while not having to support your weight as it does so. Good rowing machines, like ones shown on RowingReviewshubcom.com, are adjustable to your leg length to ensure full leg and knee joint movement and avoid body aches after working out.

Selectable Resistance Levels

Most rowers come with resistance controls to change how hard you have to workout to row the required distance to complete your session. A plan to workout aerobically by not pushing yourself beyond your current fitness limit is easy to setup for beginners. An exercise program is also adjustable to pace yourself until you get your second wind later in the rowing session.

Excellent Cardio Workout

Your body gets an excellent cardio burn when rowing. It provides exercise for your arms, chest, and legs while improving blood circulation. It helps your lungs function better, and keeps your heart healthier too. Less tension makes it possible to row for longer while keeping your workout in an aerobic state. However, pushing up the resistance gives your arms, and to some degree your legs, a harder push too. Good for strength building when you don’t enjoy working out with free weights.

Lower Stress Levels

Managing stress is a key issue for busy executives who don’t get to wind down often enough. Having a rowing machine at home lets you choose what you can do during your workout. Put a TV in front of the rower to catch up with the latest Netflix or listen to your favorite podcasts while you run through one of the many pre-programmed rowing programs in the machine. Shake off the stress in a healthy way to enjoy the rest of your day.

Using a rowing machine is a healthier alternative than pounding away on a treadmill every night or running around the local neighborhood on concrete. The damage that doesn’t happen to your joints as a result of taking better care of them is something you’ll be grateful for when you see older runners hobbling about in a few years’ time. Combining using a rower and an elliptical is likely to be the best combination to protect your joints.

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