What Could Your Ashes Become After Death?

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When being asked to think about your funeral, the word “fun” doesn’t tend to come to mind. So if you’re struggling with the idea of death, why not opt for a more light-hearted approach when planning for end-of-life? There are now more options than ever when it comes to reinventing yourself after death, with companies offering ever-crazier options for ashes. Here’s a look at some of the best options out there that can transform your ashes into something a little different.


This is an increasingly popular option as it not only turns your ashes into a new living being – thus completing the circle of life – but it is also great for the environment. If you are looking for an environmentally-friendly funeral company in Cardiff, there are services available who can advise on the best ways to approach your ceremony. Some companies provide biodegradable pods in which your ashes can be cased, which then becomes the host for a tree seed. The ashes become the nutrients for the tree’s growth, allowing it to flourish into a natural memorial.

Artificial Reef

It is possible to have your ashes turned into a reef ball which can be placed in the ocean to contribute towards an artificial reef. This can be used to encourage marine life, making it another great option for eco-warriors. In a time where our reefs are in steady decline, this provides a way to do your part for the environment, whilst avoiding the negative impacts of a traditional funeral. Such projects have been proven to encourage sea life, making this a great way for marine lovers to put their ashes to good use.


There are now even companies who offer services to turn your ashes into a vinyl! You can choose the tracks and the artwork to create a personal memento, with the ashes pressed into the record itself. For music lovers, this is the perfect option to ensure your legacy lives on.


If you love all that glitters, why not consider having your ashes turned into a diamond? This can create a beautiful and valuable memento of your life, which your loved one can wear to keep you close. It also results in a far more ethical jewel than those typically found in the jewellers.


It may be hard to believe but it is possible to have your ashes mixed with ink to become part of a tattoo. For those planning on getting a memorial tattoo, this option can give it the edge. This may not be for the faint-hearted, but each to their own!

Somehow it is a little easier to deal with the concept of death or the sorrow of mourning knowing that yours or your loved one’s remains will go to good use. By opting for an alternative to a traditional burial or scattering of ashes, you can ensure that your legacy lives on in your own unique way and with minimal environmental impact.

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