What is Somatic Psychology?

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Somatic psychology is a unique approach to help the body heal through natural ways. It involves different techniques to help people calm themselves naturally, rather than having to use medicine and other means.

What is Somatic Psychology?
Somatic psychology was created by Wilhelm Reich and Pierre Jarret as a way to help people use a therapeutic and holistic approach for healing. Reich and Jarret came up with various theories and techniques to help prove their point that this is a reliable thing to use and today these theories are used as somatic psychology.

How Does Somatic Psychology Work?
This field works in many different ways. You can use one of the many different techniques for individual use or with group therapy.

Somatic Therapy
Somatic therapy (also known as Somatic Psychotherapy) is designed to help people be body-centered. It helps them to have a body and mind connection to help them reduce stress and have self-awareness. This therapy type is great to help with reducing negative emotions and helping to create more positive ones. It can also help with reducing and solving problems like anxiety, stress, grief, and addiction. This therapy uses body sensations and works with your senses and emotions to help calm and heal you. Somatic therapy can be done either individually or in groups.

Somatic Psychology Techniques
Body Movement and Sensations
You’ll find yourself doing things like dancing, learning breathing techniques, doing voice work, exercising, and learning about the power of touch with somatic psychology. You’ll also learn how to improve your posture, gestures, and expressions to help you better improve your expressions and image with others.
This technique helps with mindfulness. It helps to promote nonviolence and instead work to connect your body and mind together to help them be at peace.
Core Energetics
This technique uses movement to help balance energy. It uses things like movements and exercises to help your body and mind be calm. It works to remove negative energy and replace it with positive energy.
Bioenergetic Analysis
This technique mainly focuses on the body and mind as one. It uses things like relational approaches with people, physical approaches, and body expressions to help you not only feel good, but help you learn how to better connect with others.

The Benefits of Somatic Psychology
Somatic psychology has many benefits. Besides being a natural way to help improve your health it can also help to promote self-awareness. This can help with things like stress and grief and has even been proven to help with PTSD and trauma. Somatic psychology is also useful at helping you to learn how to show and interpret verbal and nonverbal communication.

If you’re interested in learning natural and unique ways to help heal the body, be sure to check out somatic psychology. Meridian University offers courses in this field that are taught by professionals who can help you better learn the techniques in this field and how you can use these techniques on not only yourself, but also to help others.

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