What Not to Do When You Visit Another CrossFit Box

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Hey guys, I made it back from vacation! I soaked up the sun and sand, caught up on some sleeping, and I ate all the food. It was glorious. I also had the pleasure of visiting my first CrossFit box on Hilton Head Island. The earliest I woke up during vacation was to go sweat it out with my Nanos on… crazy huh? I had an awesome time checking out Reebok CrossFit Coastal Carolina, did a really fun WOD, and made some rookie mistakes with my guest appearance. Read on and learn from me –that way hopefully you can avoid my mishaps!

First, let me say that my visit to Reebok CrossFit Coastal Carolina was great. The facility was great inside and out; they had tons of equipment; they used their air conditioning (cough cough, CrossFit 865…); and the staff was super friendly. I very much enjoyed the WOD that Jay and Meg coached, and I really enjoyed speaking with them before and after.

With that said, here’s where I screwed up while visiting my first CrossFit box outside my home box. Don’t do what I did!

What Not to Do When You Visit Another CrossFit Box

1. Don’t go back and forth to your gym bag 3,912 times.

[D]on’t be the guy who looks like a fool going back and forth to his bag a billion times. But if you are… make sure you flex and strut.
My routine at 865 is usually to do the warmup and then go grab whatever stuff I need (wrist wraps, grips, the proper shoe for the WOD, etc) and gear up while coach explains the workout at the white board. At RCCC, I grabbed my workout towel and water before warm ups started. Then I went and grabbed my wrist wraps for the cleans and push jerks during the WOD. (For reference, that picture was taken from about where my bag was and I was standing where the guy in the orange shirt was for most of the workout…) After walking back with my wraps I decided I needed my headband because I knew I was going to be a sweaty mess soon, so I made another trip. Ok, I had everything I needed — no more trips, right?

Wrong. My wraps were totally clashing with my outfit that day and I didn’t want to wear them. Did I just set them aside and grab them after the WOD? Nope. They needed to go back to their home, back in my bag! So AGAIN I traversed those treacherous yards to my bag to return the wraps. I knew by now that surely some eyeballs had found their way onto me as I strutted across the box once more. I thought about taking my shirt off right then and there, but we all know to remove one’s shirt requires the proper time and great flourish. Also, there was a step in the middle of the box (see yellow stripe above), and I was slightly fearful I would reach that step with the shirt over my head, eyes blinded to the danger. A face plant was not on my to-do list for the day.

The moral of the story is: don’t be the guy who looks like a fool going back and forth to his bag a billion times. But if you are… make sure you flex and strut.

2. Don’t hold up the next class just so you can get photos and buy t-shirts.

Don’t hold up the next class just so you can get photos and buy t-shirts.
Every serious CrossFitter knows that you MUST get a t-shirt from any box you visit and WOD in. I think it also holds true that a photo must be taken with the box’s logo or name in the background. See Exhibit 1 below.

On the other end of the box, the next class was going through the white board discussion about to start the warmup. Of course, someone had to take that photo so coach Meg was hijacked to capture the visit. I think pretty much all the bases of a proper CrossFit box visit photo are covered: visited box logo, representing my home box with my shirt, sweet CrossFit socks, sweaty but still able to crack a smile… all there. Pretty good for my first try!

After photos were taken, it was time to buy shirts — shirts that had only one requirement: they had to say “Reebok CrossFit Coastal Carolina” on them. Lucky for me, they had a plethora of shirts to choose from. In addition to simply bolstering my t-shirt collection, I had a list of other sizes to procure for various other members of my box. Of course, first I had to pick out what style shirt, then had to make sure they had the size I needed… let’s just say it took about 3.7 times longer than necessary. But hey, bringing those shirts back was important business! I’d probably be banned from 865 if I returned empty-handed.

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