What to Look for in a Heart Surgeon

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If you are looking for a good heart surgeon, perhaps because you are unhappy with the one your cardiologist referred you to, the first thing you may be tempted to do is read comments on social media pages. According to Dr. Lawrence H. Cohn, a heart surgeon, and cardiologist Dr. Andrew Eisenhauer, both of Harvard University, you can’t believe all of what you read. They state that public data is also misleading, and alongside social media, can give you a false representation of a specialist you are considering.

Don’t Believe Everything You Read
Social media can be a heart surgeon’s best friend or worst nightmare. It is essential to keep in mind that the people posting may be one in a million. Remember, we humans think nothing of posting our displeasure but will rarely post about great experiences we’ve had. Also, you can’t expect to ‘like’ everyone you meet. A great heart surgeon may not be the most personable choice, but may very well be the best surgeon in the nation.

Can You Understand What They Are Saying?
Another important consideration is in how well you can understand what they are saying. Some doctors seem to forget that the average patient is a layperson and so technical jargon is like a foreign language. If they take the time to explain to you what is going on with your heart, why you may need open heart surgery, and whether there are any other options, you will feel confident that this particular surgeon really cares about you and your comfort levels.

Surgeons Who Offer Options to Cutting
So, you’ve looked up what surgeons make on sites like health care salaries guide and you know that they make a really good income. It is financially better for them to cut you open but what about that rare doctor who offers you non-invasive or less invasive options? Perhaps you need a quadruple bypass, but stents would do the job nicely as well.
That surgeon may make a much larger amount of money through open heart surgery, but if a bypass is a viable option, they may give you the choice. They will tell you the advantages and disadvantages of each procedure and let you be the one to make the decision. Sometimes there is no alternative, but a really good heart surgeon will explain why not.

A Doctor Who Will Hear You – Really Hear You!
It is understandable that most doctors and specialists are overwhelmed with patients. There is, after all, a critical shortage of healthcare professionals. However, this is a major issue for you. Heart surgery is nothing to take lightly and you may have many questions and concerns. Some doctors will simply cast aside your concerns because to them, those worries are no big issue.

They deal with them day in and day out, but this is uncharted territory for you. When you find a heart surgeon who will willingly spend the time to address your concerns, you know you have made the right choice. In short, don’t believe what you’ve heard. Do your own legwork and trust your cardiologist when looking for a heart surgeon. It is your life which is in the balance, so the choice is yours. Make a wise one and you will know you are in good hands.

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