What You Need to Know about Reducing the Risk of Sports Injuries

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Sports are significantly recognised as a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. The federal government, at both nationwide and local level, are motivating sports participation at all levels in the country. However, as involvement in sports boosts so does the threat of sports injuries and cases of people wanting to see an Osteopath in Melbourne . Hence it is crucial that sports promo be accompanied by a drive towards increasing understanding of emergency treatment and injury prevention.


Each year there are thousands of people who experience sports injuries in Melbourne .  Most cases are relatively minor although some are serious enough to result in death or disability. It is a frightening thought and reveals just how crucial it is to be familiar with injury avoidance and the best ways to treat sports injuries efficiently.

So what can you do to prevent or minimise the risk of a sports injury?

Today we are seeing a drive towards increasing abilities in sports emergency treatment among athletes, coaches, referees, instructors and moms and dads of kids taking part in sport. The latter is a welcome trend as is the growing understanding of the roles and responsibilities of those who are included so that they can make proper sports first aid provision.

One of the most typical parts of the body affected by sports injury is the ankle. Ankle injuries account for over one-third of all sports injuries. It is hardly surprising that ankle sprains are among the most typical sports injuries. As shock absorbers, feet cushion up to one million pounds of pressure throughout one hour of gruelling workout. Making use of ankle supports and ankle braces can assist avoid injury in addition to aiding healing after a sports injury.

Why is the ankle so susceptible?

Each foot has 26 bones. The ankle bone (talus) and the ends of the two lower leg bones (tibia and fibula) form the ankle joint, which is stabilised and supported by ligaments.

On the outside of the ankle is a complex of three ligaments. One of these, the anterior talofibular ligament goes from the talus to the fibula, and this is the ligament probably to be harmed in a sports injury. Since the inner ankle is more stable than the outer ankle, the foot is likely to turn inward from a fall, tackle or jump. Doing so extends or tears ligaments, and the result is an ankle sprain. The term ‘sprain’ refers to the stretching and tearing of ligaments.

The risk elements for spraining an ankle are numerous and varied. They consist of running on uneven ground, having had previous ankle injuries in the past, being overweight, cannot heat up adequately or perhaps using shoes that do not fit properly.

Inning categorises sprained ankles by the level of seriousness. Grade 1 refers to a stretch or minor tear of the ligament (usually however not always the anterior talofibular ligament) with loosening — the most common ankle sports injury. Grade 2 describes a ligament tear accompanied by some degree of loosening. Category 3 represents a complete ligament tear resulting in a loose joint.

Short-term treatment of an ankle sprain must follow the RICE regimen (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation) Depending upon how extreme the sports injury is, treatment ranges from using a supportive ankle brace to utilising a walking cast or even surgery.

There is a wide range of ankle supports and ankles braces available that can assist offer compression and support the anterior talofibular ligament.

As someone who has experienced a previous ankle injury will be more susceptible to future, injury avoidance is significant. An ankle brace can help avoid ankle rollover and more damage.

By increasing understanding of sporting injuries and developing abilities in sports first aid and injury avoidance, sport can end up being a safer activity for all, genuinely assisting in fulfilling its possible as a significant factor to the heath of the country.

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