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There is no doubt almost everyone at least once in the life will experience a low back pain. The nature and level of pain may different from one person to other. It is quite natural most of the people will make a drive to doctor when the problem get serious. People will look for some generic pain killers or analgesic creams to be free from the pain. When some people get relief from the pain, other may continue to experience the same problem. Some people may experience frequent low back pains that finally demand them to meet the doctor.

About low back pain

It is said that normal low back pain can get relief with the normal flow of time. You can feel relaxed within two weeks with your regular activities. There is no need to worry a lot if the pain remains at the same level. But it if you think the pain gets severe with the flow of time and your primary medicaments fails to give relief from pain, and then it is the time to consult best spine surgeons in India.

Consult primary care physician

It is certainly a good idea to consult your primary care physician before you consult spine surgeon. There is no doubt doctor visit is really intimidating especially when you are with pain. It is certainly a difficult to describe situation. Discuss your problems and degree of pain with the doctor. The information helps the doctor to recommend basic tests and to develop a perfect diagnosis to make you free from the pain with non surgical methods. It is better to ask  doctor some of the important questions like what the pain I have, it is permanent or temporary, alternative treatment to select from etc.

Time to see surgeon

If the non surgical methods fail to give relief from pain and the situation goes worse, then it is the time to consult a spine surgeon. He will make a complete check and tests to suggest you with the right type of spine surgery. There are three important types of spine surgeries to select from depending upon the nature of pain.

The first one is laminectomy, the procedure of removing back part of the bone to relive the nerve roots.  Second one is discectomy and is the surgery performed to remove a portion of disc to release the pressure on nerve. The third one is spinal fusion and is the process that permanently joins to or more vertebrate to assure more stability and to resolve deformity.

 India seems best

Medical tourism in India is blessed with the international level treatment methods provided in the reputed Indian hospitals. With almost all of the advanced medical technologies and equipments, country attracts more and more international candidates to undergo spine surgery at really affordable costs. Make use of the service of best spine specialist in India to be free from the issues of severe back pain.

 At present, it is so easy to book your consultation online with any of the reputed hospitals in India.

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