Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad CrossFit?


For some reason, whenever a fitness fad becomes super-successful, a lot of people begin to worry about it. The Internet buzzes with “why it’s bad” articles, and people “tsk, tsk” those who cheer it on. That seems to be exactly what’s happened with CrossFit, and it might be why it’s so doggone difficult to get friends to join you in the box!

If you’ve ever felt like you’re forced to become a salesman overcoming tons of objections when you try to get your buddies to join you for CrossFit, you’re not alone. Fortunately, we’ve put together some great answers to some of the biggest rejections individuals throw out when it comes to the whole “try CrossFit with me” suggestion.

Obstacle #1: I am not fit enough for CrossFit.

When your friends throw this statement your way, don’t immediately tell them they’re wrong. Take their feelings into consideration, and ask yourself if they might be right. For instance, if someone is 300+ pounds and has trouble moving, or has totally bad knees and hips, CrossFit might honestly not be the best choice… right now, anyway.

On the other hand, if your friend is just out of shape, but cleared for physical exercise, encourage him or her to at least come and see your local CrossFit facility. Don’t make it a big deal, but do pester just a bit. Sometimes, simply seeing the box and meeting the trainers and other CrossFitters can sway a person who’s on the fence.

Obstacle #2: I heard CrossFitters always get injured.

You can’t say this never happens, because some athletes always get injured; hey, even the strongest Olympians get injured! What you can tell your friend is CrossFit is no harder on the body than any other type of high-intensity workout. Explain that the trick is to use proper form throughout all the exercises. Again, don’t make light of this concern; instead, use it as an opportunity to educate your friend on what really happens in the box. Plus, if you’ve been without injuries during your CrossFit experience, you can use that as an example — not everyone gets hurt!

Obstacle #3: I wouldn’t enjoy CrossFit.

This is a tough one for you to object to, because you’re not the person making the statement. What you can reply with is that you understand the individual might think that, but he or she can never be sure without trying. Don’t sound like a parent giving a lecture, though. Be calm and serious; this will help the other person realize you aren’t talking down to him or her. By remaining thoughtful, you might just hear, “Okay… I guess it can’t hurt if I go once.”

Obstacle #4: I can’t afford CrossFit.

Unless your friend is truly strapped for cash, you can probably overcome this objection rapidly. If he or she has enough money to go out to eat a couple times a month, or to purchase overpriced coffee drinks, paying for CrossFit won’t be a problem. It’s really affordable, and most CrossFit facilities offer decent discounts for new enrollees. Speaking of which, don’t forget to see if your CrossFit facility has a special discount for referrals, just in case your buddy decides to become a CrossFitter.

Obstacle #5: I don’t have time for CrossFit.

This objection is totally easy to debunk, because CrossFit exercises like the WOD are always created to be short and sweet. Explain that it takes far less time to do a WOD than it does to, say, make a pasta dinner or tinker with the new mustang parts you just got for your car. Chances are strong your friend will be surprised, and that means you’ll have the ideal opening to suggest the perfect time to head to the CrossFit facility for some fast and furious exercising!

The main point is to never allow what people assume about CrossFit to stop you from encouraging your pals to come with you to the box. The more, the merrier, regardless of what claptrap might circulate around the ‘net!

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