Why a CrossFitter Hates Rest Day…

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by JFWodfather|A CrossFit Blog

Why a CrossFitter Hates Rest Day…
I hate rest days. I swear to God nothing makes me crazier than doing nothing. I think I get addicted to the rush of a workout — or maybe I just hate not getting to wear my really fly Lululemon clothes and knee socks — but regardless, I hate it. One of the most common mistakes that new CrossFitters make is not resting enough, so here are my tips on how to have a successful rest day.


The only thing you should be lifting on a rest day is a glass of water or the remote…
Now a lot of you read that and said, “No sh*t, Sherlock!” but most CrossFitters are too stupid to actually rest. They do this thing called “Active Rest.” Now I would buy into the whole “active rest” thing if it was walking around the block or maybe a light activity like mowing the yard, but — for the most part — a CrossFitter’s “active rest” evolves into a long trail run or “tech work” with a bar and light weights. Cut that sh*t out. The only thing you should be lifting on a rest day is a glass of water or the remote and the only time you should run is if you are being chased from “actively resting” with some other guy’s girlfriend…

2. Sleep

Quit going to bed at midnight. I know you want to watch a repeat of the CrossFit Games on ESPN8 “The Ocho,” but that’s why God made DVR. Let me save you time: Rich wins. Go to sleep. You need at least 7-8 hours. Of all the stupid recovery things I do, this one is the most important. If you think you may get some “active rest” while you are in the bedroom, then go to bed an hour earlier so you still get 7-8 hours. If you are married then don’t worry about it. We know you’re sleeping…

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