Why Medical Second Opinion is Important?

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Being diagnosed with a serious disease is not something that many people are prepared for. If you’ve been diagnosed with a serious condition, should you ask for a second opinion? Experts say yes. Before you begin treatment for any significant condition and especially if you need surgery, getting a second opinion can make a significant difference in the direction you take.

Reason #1: Second Opinions Prevent Treatment for the Wrong Diagnosis
The most important reason to seek a second opinion is to make sure you’re your primary doctor isn’t wrong. A study published in BMJ Quality and Safety showed that over 10 million people are misdiagnosed every year. These misdiagnoses cause patients to undergo costly and invasive procedures to treat conditions that don’t exist.
So, why are misdiagnoses so prevalent? Getting a diagnosis wrong can have many causative factors including doctors making diagnoses that are outside their area of expertise to simply not listening to the patient carefully enough. And, unfortunately, doctors are not immune from simply making mistakes. Second opinions help patients avoid costly and potentially harmful treatments.

Reason #2: Non Definitive Diagnosis
Getting a second opinion can help patients get a definitive diagnosis. Many conditions share the same set of symptoms, especially early in the disease process. Getting a second opinion can help patients ensure that their illness is definitively diagnosed and that they receive the right treatment for their condition. For example, the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease can mimic other types of degenerative cognitive diseases. However, the treatment for Alzheimer’s and the drugs used are quite different than those used to treat other types of dementia. In the early stages, it is often difficult to definitively diagnose which type of cognitive disease a patient might be suffering from, however early intervention is essential to slowing the progression of the disease and preserving memory and cognitive function. Getting a second opinion from a specialist is the best way to get that definitive diagnosis so that treatment can be started quickly.

Reason #3: There’s more than one treatment option
Most illnesses have multiple treatment options. And, the most complex an illness is, the more varied treatment options may be. Getting a second opinion ensures that you have access to all of the treatment information that is available for your particular disease so that you can make the most informed decision about your treatment.
Many people choose to forgo getting a second opinion for fear of offending their current doctor. However, many doctors will recommend getting a second opinion in order to ensure that their patients are receiving the best possible care. Don’t be afraid to schedule an appointment for a second opinion physicians in India and take control of your healthcare options.

Getting a second opinion physicians in India is important for a number of reasons. Visit Healted.com today to get that second opinion.

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