Why Some People Leave Rehab Early — And Why It’s A Big Mistake

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People who decide to leave rehab way before the designated end of the program are entitled to do so, as it is their right. However, if one is truly sincere about getting the help needed to recover from an addiction, deciding to get out early is a huge mistake. When you do so, not only will you be making a major gamble on the success of your recovery, you also put all the hard work you’ve done up to that point to waste. Rehabilitation involves a careful process and, although it feels slow for some people, it has to be seen through to the end.

There are many reasons why some people think rehab is not for them. We spoke to some healthcare providers from different California rehabilitation centers and this are what we found out.

4 Common Reasons Why People Skip Out Of Rehab

  1. He or she does not acknowledge that an addiction problem exists and sees rehab as a waste of time and energy. The most important step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem. If a person is not convinced that he or she needs help, then that person is more likely to make a break for the door when the opportunity arises.
  2. He or she feels overwhelmed by the withdrawal symptoms and had become unwilling to move forward. Withdrawal is a painful stage, especially for somebody who’s been way too deep into the addiction. This is where family, a solid support system and a smart recovery method come in, so that the person gathers the strength and will power to stay on.
  3. He or she has unrealistic expectations of rehab. While the facilities may look like a vacation getaway, one still has to do the physical and mental workout that the rehabilitation process requires. For some people, especially addicts, rules are the enemy. If a person steps into rehab thinking it’s all just fun and games, then there might be a problem.
  4. He or she was coerced into getting into rehab. People who do not acknowledge the help they need will not likely be committed to undergo the entire treatment program. This is common among first-timers so healthcare providers know there will be a struggle early on. However, when the recovering patient is made to understand the entire process and why it has to be seen through from beginning to end, then the benefits will be maximized.

Don’t Break The Path To Recovery

Getting out of rehab early increases the risk that the addiction will recur. This is because the person has not undergone the full course of the treatment. For one, the individual will not be emotionally and physically equipped to return to normal functioning and might be overwhelmed by the usual temptations. The dangers of exiting rehab early can lead to more damaging consequences not just for the individual but also those around him or her.

Always remember that not many people are given the chance to get into rehab. First, it costs money. Second, not everybody gets a second shot at living a normal life. Some spiral downward and lose themselves. Others find their bodies unable to cope with the stressors and fall permanently ill or worse. Overall, there really is no acceptable and real justification for getting out of rehab early. Checking out before the program has run its course is a disservice and betrayal to yourself. Be thankful that you have the opportunity to make things better. Take this moment and use it to transform your life and make something positive out of a dark moment. ‘

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