Why Weightlifting

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Why Weightlifting
I lift because I love the challenge. I love that feeling when the impossible becomes possible, my maxes become my openers, and I can set my sight on even heavier weights. I do it because I want to find out just how far I can go and what my limit is, both mentally and physically.

Weightlifting forces me to confront my flaws. It makes me to deal with the things I might otherwise let lie because they hold me back, and the desire to see how far I can go outweighs my reluctance to deal with my weaknesses.

I lift because, despite the complexities of the lifts, the sport itself is so straight-forward. Either the bar went up, or it didn’t. I made it or I didn’t. I’m given a “good lift” or “no lift.” There is no “sort-of” in weightlifting, and that is a nice change in a world that is often over-complicated & uncertain.
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