Why Weightlifting

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I compete in weightlifting for the thrill. For the butterflies I get backstage waiting to be called, the adrenaline as I step onto the platform, and the surge of emotions when the bar is locked out overhead. I do it because when I compete, I feel truly alive.

And it isn’t always PRs, “good lifts” and successful competitions. There are “shitty days,” “off weeks,” and disappointing competitions, too. Days when my lifts feel like crap, the bar feels so heavy, and I just want to give up. But that is a part of the process as well, and those are the days that I need to re-read this and remind myself (or be reminded) why I love weightlifting, why I do it in the first place and what I hope to achieve.

Why Weightlifting

Originally published to GoHardGetStrong on 22 April 2015.

Visit Taryn Haggerstone’s blog Go Hard Get Strong for more of her thoughts on training. Follow her on Twitter at @TarynHaggerston and Instagram at @tarynemilyh.

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