Why Yoga & Surfing complement each other so well

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A trip to the Dominican Republic may be part of your summer holiday plans. There is much to do in this jewel of the Caribbean. Surfing is one of the most popular and most exciting of the many activities indulged in by holiday-makers.

The cool, clean, gorgeous surf of that surrounds the beaches of the Dominican Republic will both thrill and relax you. You need not be an expert or practiced surfer to enjoy the sport. You can receive instruction on the spot if you need it. In fact, making whole or at least part of your beach vacation into a kind of surfing retreat will make it truly special and give you memories for years to come.

Going to a Surf Camp will imbue you with the fundamentals of surfing. One of the first things you’ll learn is that surfing is a sport—it is an activity that required vigorous movement, quick coordination, and some physical stamina. Unlike what is often portrayed on television and films, few surfers drive to the beach, take out their boards, and go directly into the water; every experienced, and not so experienced surfer, goes through the most intense stretching routine first.

Yoga is the kind of stretching you’ll do at surf camp. Yoga and surfing complement each other perfectly. Doing yoga before and after surfing is a natural of staying healthy and balanced. The aim of yoga is to help practitioners learn how to breath and how to calm and steady a restless or irritated mind. It is also has the effect of stretching, relaxing, repairing, and toning aching limbs.

The purpose of your vacation is to unwind, to relieve yourself of stress and strain. The last thing you want is to spend that time in soreness and discomfort. Unless you are a seasoned swimmer, your arms, chest, and back will not react well to the physical demands of catching waves. The quick and careful movement required to actually stand on and ride the board can wreak havoc on leg muscles that are unused to that particular kind of motion. You will need to do some kind of stretching before and after your ride. You should do the best kind of stretching there is.

To maximize performance and prevent injury: that should be the aim of your yoga and surfing instructor. No matter whether your stay in the Dominican Republic is for one week or two, you can make yoga and surf camp an integral part of it. There are plenty of places you could have gone for a vacation. The fact that you have chosen the Caribbean means that you want a little time on the beach. Spending the afternoon on the beach, laid out, and soaking in the rays of the high sun makes for a great life.

A surf and yoga session is a great way to start your days. It is invigorating; it gets the blood going and gives you the kind of energy that will make the rest of the day active and pleasant.

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