Why You Shouldn’t Go Rx

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Why You Shouldn’t Go Rx

“Going Rx” has that badass, elite glamour to it — top of the food chain, I get it. But so what?! Let it go! That shouldn’t be your concern.
I get it. We’ve all been there thinking, It’s time to go Rx!  You’ve been CrossFitting for quite some time now.  You may even be able to say that you’re an experienced CrossFitter. By “experienced” I’m talking 2+ years bare minimum. If you don’t fall into this 2+ year category, let me kick it to you straight: you are still a rookie. But don’t take that personally; if you are, that’s more of a reason why you should keep reading this post. And I know we get fit and strong rather quickly in a very short period of time. And because of that it’s easy for our brains to get the best of us and end up making some rash decisions. We’ve all thought, “Ok, it’s time to go Rx! I can handle that weight!” Has that thought ever crept up on you? Sometimes this logic could spell disaster. Let’s take a look at few reasons why you should take a step back and reconsider going “as prescribed.”

Going Rx” has that badass, elite glamour to it — top of the food chain, I get it. But so what?! Let it go!  That shouldn’t be your concern. Going Rx is usually reserved for the top athletes at the box. You know who those guys and girls are. They typically finish with the top time of the day regardless of what the workout brings; they have zero to no weaknesses in their game. They are well-rounded athletes. This group is typically your coaches and the competitive group at the box.

You’re thinking, “Ok great. They can go Rx, but why shouldn’t I? I can keep up!” Umm… but can you really?

Instead of discussing why you shouldn’t go Rx, let’s flip this around and go over some guidelines on when you could possibly go “as prescribed” on workouts.

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