Women’s Only: Finding Beauty in Strength

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Women's Only: Finding Beauty in Strength

[M]y hope is that women of all shapes and sizes start loving their bodies for what they can do and not just for what they look like.
If you knew me during the latter years of high school or throughout college, you would know that I was really thin. Unnaturally thin for my muscular body type. I counted calories, avoided fattening foods, and cut meat out of my diet for the wrong reasons. I labeled foods as being “good” and “bad” and tried to avoid “bad” foods at all costs. While I started eating more following college and during law school and was at a healthy weight, I still counted calories, chose chemically-laden low-fat food over real food, and overall, just had an unhealthy relationship with food. Also, I hated the way my body looked — even though looking back now, my body was perfectly okay.

When I started CrossFit in April of 2012, I was in awe of the beautiful, strong, confident women that I saw both in the gym and in the media. I wanted to be strong and confident like these beautiful women who embody CrossFit, but I had my doubts that I would ever get there. About 10 months after starting CrossFit, however, I began taking my training more seriously. I knew training more meant that I needed to change my diet. I added meat back in, I started eating more healthy fats, I cut back on alcohol, I replaced most of the refined carbs in my diet with vegetables, and most importantly… I stopped worrying about calories and I started to view food as fuel.

I saw dramatic changes in my performance while at the gym. I was finally able to Rx workouts consistently. I PR’d my lifts. I didn’t fatigue as easily. I just felt better, period. These changes also carried over to my everyday life, as I started to appreciate my body for its ability to carry me through long days and hard workouts.

I was finally able to Rx workouts consistently

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