Women’s Only: Jolie Gentry

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  • How did you handle nutrition during and after pregnancy?
  • How do you manage the mental demands of CrossFit?
  • What has been your most memorable CrossFit moment?
In Part II of our interview with Jolie Gentry, winner of the 2007 CrossFit Games, we learn more about her down-to-earth way of handling being a CrossFit mom and what has made her CrossFit journey a memorable one thus far. (Spoiler alert: it’s not as obvious as being crowned Fittest on Earth…)

Find out what continues to motivate this driven, humble athlete. And just in case you missed it, read Part I of our interview here.

During pregnancy, were you able to eat Paleo, primal, or something else altogether? How do you handle nutrition for yourself and your child post-pregnancy?
On her daughter’s nutrition:

She will see the example I set and make her own decisions when the time is right.

Jolie: In the beginning of pregnancy, I ate strict Paleo (no weighing or measuring) … with the occasional indulgence of chocolate milk and donuts! At home my family eats Paleo with a bit of dairy and quality foods. I only weigh and measure for a couple days when my pants don’t fit quite right.

As for the munchkin, I am certainly not one of those super-moms who is able to whip up kid-friendly Paleo meals every night – I just want her to eat. Our freezer definitely has chicken nuggets and she regularly eats PB&J. I want her to be a normal kid and enjoy normal kid stuff.  She will see the example I set and make her own decisions when the time is right.

How do you handle the mental and physical demands of a full-time job, motherhood and training for competition?

Jolie: I need the training, whether I am training competitively or not. I need the competition for myself to prove I can still do it and to demonstrate to my daughter that she can do all these things!

As far as being a mom, Coach Burgener always used to say that women come back stronger from pregnancy, and I want to prove him right.

I want to be a good mom and also knock all those sporting accomplishments off my list at the same time.

What is your most memorable CrossFit moment?  What is your most embarrassing moment?
Her most memorable moment? 

The most rewarding trip was working with the Wounded Warriors from the San Antonio Military Medical Center.

Jolie: Working as a trainer with CrossFit HQ was an invaluable experience that allowed me to see places all over the world that I could not have visited otherwise. My favorite trips were working with the various military branches. Hands down the most exciting trip was a private lecture with Coach Glassman at the Delta Compound near Fort Bragg, North Carolina, but the most rewarding trip was working with the Wounded Warriors from the San Antonio Military Medical Center.

I cannot pinpoint a specific embarrassing CrossFit moment, but I have been embarrassed by my own fitness over the past two years since Luna has been born. I feel like as a part of the CrossFit Community, there is an expectation I have placed on myself to be at a certain fitness level.  It has taken me a little while to get that fire back under my ass to train hard again, and it feels good!

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