Women’s Only: “So Maybe I Do Pee During Workouts…Now What?”

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by JULIE SYGIEL, Founder of Dear Kate

Women’s Only: “So Maybe I Do Pee During Workouts…Now What?”
Have you seen this recent CrossFit video? It’s hard not to click on a video titled: “Do you pee during workouts?” and it’s no wonder that it’s already reached over 200,000 views. CrossFit opens up a conversation about an issue that millions of women experience, often in silence: stress urinary incontinence, aka “the workout leak.”

Brought on by running, box jumps, or even laughing or sneezing, the lack of dialogue on the topic meant there have been few comfortable and sustainable products for dealing with this issue that 1 in 4 women and even a higher percentage of mothers experience. (1 in 3 women experience stress incontinence for 5 years or more after childbirth.)

So what’s a girl to do? Daily Kegels and avoiding over hydration are recommended, and if the problem persists and/or becomes unmanageable one should consult a doctor. With those recommendations in mind, it’s a wonder what a good pair of underwear can do help ladies avoid the embarrassment often experienced by this leaky situation.

Enter Dear Kate, the fashion + function lingerie company I developed to help us ladies with unwanted spills. Our fabric combination has multiple patents-pending. The outer layer has a leak-free hydrophobic finish that acts as a barrier to leaks reaching your Lululemons. The inner layers are a microfiber that is stain-releasing and wicking through the use of special finishes similar to those found in other sports apparel. They allow the inner layers to dry faster and in case of a mishap during that time of the month, you can toss them in the washing machine without wasting time scrubbing while hand washing.

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Think it’s too good to be true? Check out this demo video from our site showing the difference between how a pair of regular cotton underwear absorbs (or doesn’t) just one tablespoon of water compared to a pair of Dear Kates:

So stop worrying and focus on doing AMRAP. We’ve got your butt covered.

Find out more about how to purchase a pair on the Dear Kate website and follow them on Twitter at @dearkates. Follow Julie Sygiel on Twitter at @juliesygiel.

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