Would you go for douching when you are pregnant?

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Douching during pregnancy is not only called for, but it is harmful. This is in spite of the numerous advertisements that you come on the visual media. This is all the more so during the stage of pregnancy. Your home is a storehouse of various types of bacteria and as far as a healthy vagina evolves there does exist a balance. When you douche it does upset that balance resulting to the growth of certain type of bacteria. You can suffer from bacterial vaginosis, a disorder which does increase the chances of pregnancy complications.

In case of some women no form of symptoms does tend to arise when it is the case with bacterial vaginosis. It is accompanied by a fishy odour along with a thick white discharge. Can you douche during pregnancy? The answer has to be a strict no on all counts. A lot of money is of the opinion that douching can help them get rid of the problem. But what they fail to take note is that douching would have been the essence of the problem. You would just need to alert the doctor so that they can fix it properly. If you leave bacterial vaginitis untreated for a longer period of time, it can lead to preterm baby. The chances of a low weight baby does happen on the higher side as well.

In fact they could raise a situation where an infection of the uterus could also arise. Before and after labour can occur which would mean more compilations for both the child and the mother? As douching does increase the chances of infection during pregnancy it is better that you avoid it during pregnancy.

Pregnancy has a lot of positive aspects, but one of the unpleasant experiences has a lot would be vaginal discharge. The discharge that occurs is harmless and accompanied by a foul smell. The doctors are of the opinion that vaginal discharge should not be allowed at any cost during the tenure of pregnancy.

The general feeling is that woman who douche does so to get rid of the odour. But there is bound to be a degree of smell during the normal monthly cycle. If the smell is too much foul it does increase the chances of infection. So you would need medical treatment at the earliest. If you flush out the healthy microbes, it does go on to create a positive environment where the bacteria can go on to survive. Once again the fact comes to the fore that instead of douching you might be giving rise to a problem as well.

With douching you can experience some serious problems during the course of pregnancy as well. The worse part about douching would be the chances of ectopic pregnancy does increase. If you are indeed concerned about the use of over the counter products, it would be always better to consult your doctor. But as far as possible, let the vagina go on to clear itself.

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