Your Complete Guide to Waist Training

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If you have been paying attention to celebrity fitness you will have heard of something called waist training. But what exactly is waist training? Can waist training actually help you lose weight and look slimmer? Is waist training just like wearing a corset?


Waist training is the process of forming the waist into a smaller shape so that you have an hourglass figure. It is achieved using special waist cinchers or corsets. There are semi-permanent and permanent results from doing a waist training regime – if you’re considering a waist trainer, read this first.

What is a Waist Trainer?
A waist trainer is a type of corset or girdle that is also called a waist cincher and it is designed to be worn for increasing lengths of time, in order to narrow the waist and help you to lose weight. You can buy waist trainers in different sizes and colours. There are also waist training guides that help you combine use of the waist trainer with exercises completed while wearing the waist trainer.

Guide to Buying a Waist Trainer
A good waist trainer helps you to lose weight and look slimmer but it should not be painful or difficult to wear. The waist trainer should fit so that you can adjust it tightly and it starts to pull in your waist. You should not have difficulty breathing when you wear it, and there should be no pain. It will, however, feel a little odd and uncomfortable at first. You should build up the time you wear the waist trainer so that you become used to it.

Process of Waist Training
On the first day of using a waist trainer, wear it for two hours. If you want to break in the garment more slowly, continue wearing the waist trainer for two hours for the next two days. Otherwise, on day tow you can wear the waist trainer for four hours. If you are new to waist training this can feel a little uncomfortable. It is a good idea to start to incorporate some Pilates and stretching exercises into your daily routine while wearing the waist trainer at this point. On day three you should wear the waist trainer for six hours. Try to add a little cardio into the day while wearing the waist trainer. Make sure that you do not sleep with the garment on. On day four, wear the garment for eight hours. Increase the amount of time you exercise while wearing the garment. Because you are constricted you will find that your eating habits change. By the end of the seventh day you should be wearing the waist trainer for 10 hours a day.

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